Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Heavy Lifting!

 It's been a year since I did a public demonstration game- the  Durham show last year to be precise and frankly its a bit of a challenge - especially to do it alone bar the  set  up on the day and the actual playing. This is not a complaint but a statement of fact. All the toys are mine all the terrain and the terrain boards- who only see the light of day once a year. Now as you may have noticed Gentle readers this year has been a thin time for T.W.A.T.S. games Real life in the shape of wargames shows getting in the way as often as not.
Nevertheless getting all the right  kit in the right order at the right place at the right time  is not always the easiest task in the world - especially as this year being a 25/8mm game most of the gear is bigger and chunkier and yes a  sight heavier. Last year the2 modern armies could be carried in 3 boxes- they were 15mm . This year - just for the troops the count is 7 boxes - mostly bigger than last years mere 3 , and whilst weight is a  factor using plastikrap would save no space whatsoever not to mention giving me less choice and lots more breakage so proper "man toys"  are the thing and no kiddies plastic in sight..
 The scenario for the game will be loosely based on the first Battle of Newbury   in 1643 with the  Roundheads on the stategic Offensive- they needed to break through the Cavaliers and get back to London - and the Cavalry heavy Royalists trying to stop this

The Royalist foot in 3 regiments - total 152 figures  being Royalist they are a bit short on shot  the front 2 units being 32 shot to 20 pikes
Close up of Sir William Pennymans regt.
So as you can see there will be a few troops on the table this coming Saturday. I've still got 150 or so cavalry to sort out. 
 Some roundheads- an odd basing idea I know but I needed to protect those pikemen at "Charge your pike" then the musketeers simply looked odd  so it became an excuse to do some arty -farty basing . For accuarcy this unit needs more shot - another 24 should do it .


  1. Looking forward to the game Andy.Mind if you dont want to lug all that weight back up the hill, I know someone who can 'look' after them for you.
    Thanks Robbie.

  2. Cracking units Andy; the words "Godly" and "honest serving men in russet-red" spring to mind when I see these fellows! Look forward to seeing the display on Saturday. Time for a quick psalm......!:)

    1. Babylon is fallen is fallen
      Babylon is fallen
      to Rise no more ....

      Poor chaps how wrong they were