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Monday 8 October 2018

Arrivals and Departures

Over 20 new packs of figures  available.

So those 14 boxes/grates are now unpacked. A bit slower than I'd like as I did my back in lifting the bloody things. All well now though. I have had a serious re-supply of stock  though needless to say some other items have sold out since I ordered this lot in late August./Early September. Nevertheless  over 60 back orders have already gone out and there are still a few more to do. These will be done in the next day or so. Already my next re-supply order is taking shape and will go off to the factory later this month.

The Arab cavalry - CER201

New stuff abounds ! I have a bundle of the NEW Blue Moon 15/18mm Crusade range now in stock. -Should be up as available on the website as soon as the webmistress does the deed. But in case you can't wait  here are the codes I actually have in hand
CER 100 101 103  109  110 111 112 114 
which gives you all the troop types for the First Crusade as well as being a very fine collection of 11th and early 12th century European Feudal troops. I can already feel the Stephen and Matilda Civil war  in England coming on .... 
I think these little blokes would look fine in a later Norman style army.
Arabs and Turks 
CER200 201 202 203 204 205 206 207 208 209 210  211 213
 This lot are even more versatile if anything as you can get Fatimid, Syrian,Seljuk and Ayubid armies out of this lot and possibly some others I don't know enough  about .
 For both of these ranges there are more things to come but this little lot should
 keep chaps busy for a while. 

In addition I have a couple of new 28mm ACW packs from Sash and Saber- Cherokee mounted rifles . Packs CS18 and 18 . Lovely figures hung about with shotguns and the like. Theses two new packs in addition to the 4 new Union packs I received last time US34 35 36 37. I'm trying to coax some  photos of these new items from Sand S.
 Other items of news
 In the Blue Moon AWI range pack AMR42 Mortars had finally beed added. My fault this as I simply forgot.Also Raven Banner Flag finial pack will be added to the list of RBG products as I now have stock of these. 

That's all the news that is fit to print.  More when I have it
 Andy OGUK

PS-A few days later ..... Well all the back orders I can do have gone out and all the new stuff is now up on the site- well nearly all . A couple of Raven Banner items need to ne added.
 Andy OGUK 

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