Saturday, 17 July 2010

More shinyness

Just a quickie as the Bishop said to the actress! Here are a couple of pics of my slowly (very slowly ) growing collection of 40mm"Glorious Victorians"
Now normally I use matt varnish but these lads just have to be shiny. The 3 pics are 2 in Home service Dress and 1 in foreign Service white helmet. Painted in a more toy style than is my normal wont. I do like the look. The various chaps who persueded me across to the shiny side have a point.


  1. I say sir they do look as smart a turned out collection of troops as one is likely to find, the chaps in busby's in particular remind me of a collection of airfix soft plastics I had as a sprat. Hmm, I think there was also a guards marching band in busby's as well. They held many a parade on my bedroom floor.

    The shiney in this instance is just the thing, just the thing indeed.


  2. Awfully nice and shiny, old boy! Don't change a thing.

    Best Regards,


  3. I'm pleased with the way they turned out .I do want to extend therange- both for myself and to make it available- thats going to be a bit slower than I'd like but I'll get there.

  4. Current plan is to have the first commercial release in Mid to late August. They'll be on the OGUK website. I'd hoped to have them for Clay more but thats nort going to happen .