Monday, 20 September 2010

Commieswald- technical stuff and Umpires comment.

As an exercise it was quite hard work..Jim the painters comment that we needed 2 umpires was apposite - he took over the last few moves as my head was throbbing .
Actual troop numbers were fairly substantial. On the Allied side their battalions avaeraged 28 figs each though Von Donop was 48 and the Lieb Grenadiers a mere 14. Cavalry squadrons were most often 8 figures with the British having 2 3 squdron regiment and a single squardron with the Hessians/Dutch haveing a single Squadron plus a troop of Hussars.
On the French side Most of their squdrons were again 8 figures but there were some 6figure s and a 10 - fitzjames and a12 - Royal Dragoons. Infantry avaerages 28 figures but the Grenadiers de France were 52 .
In terms of make of figures most were of course old Glory but Stadden Willie Front Rank and Eagle were also represented as were Jacdaw- I just don't have many Jacdaw painted yet.
So in rough figure numbers the Allies disposed of 320 infantry- including Jaegers 58 cavalry and 6 guns- including 2 battalion guns which had to be asigned to specific infantry units.
The French had 308 infantry including lights 104 cavalry and 5 guns- including 1 heavy piece.
In analysis the question remians why did the French footle about ??? They singularly failed to "get tore in" while an Allied defnsive was an obvious move for a somewhat outnumbered and certainly out horsed army . The French Cavalry was not used well- niether were thre brits . There was no major cavalry vs cavlry figt in the whole battle-on the French right their horse did achive a victory of sorts against the British but were too few to exploit it .
Niether commander showed at his best that day.....
Perhaps a veil should be tactfully drawn over the affair and we should await the next campaingning season to begin...

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