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Friday, 6 January 2012

First of the New Year.

Well here we are at the start of another year and it has to be said it's started busy. We'- that is my wife Carole and I have already shifted out a good bundle of parcels and its only the 6th. I don't tend to do Christmas painting projects or such as you can bet something will get in the way.- the nearest to a project was "How far can I drink down that bottle of Woodford before I fall over" However I did paint a few things and started to get my head around going further on salready commenced projects. Here are some pics of the results of 1 idea I had.
More mixed marriages these and I'm pretty chuffed at how they turned out. Both figures are Sash and Saber on Drabant horses- the Drabant figs will go on S and S horses to see how that looks- they end up in units with these chaps- The Scots Officer in the Blue bonnet will lead a bunch of 1650s Moss Troopers and the Roundhead Corporal of Horse will be part of John Lamerts New Model regiment. I already have bits and pieces of New Model and Scots in 40mm so it seemed approopriate to expand 'em and anyhow I liked building these slightly individual and close to unique figures. Several more are on the go so I'm not as far away from actual units as I was. I just need to not get distracted by other stuff- Fiw Marlburians or whatever sometimes its the creation of the figures that is more interesting than the "mere gaming"


  1. Those are lovely looking models.

  2. Thanks Scotty- Hope to get some more finished soon- even unto units... well thats the plan.