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Friday 16 March 2012

Look what I found....

Well its good to be back now the damnable flu is almost gone and I don't have to stop to cough up a lung every half hour I can turn my attention to this blog again. As it happens I was sorting out some old gear the other day and came across these
I bought these about 20 years ago from Minifigs USA when I was over at Historicon they are to say the least a little odd. The first pic shows the King ,Queen.,Prince and sundry palace guards showing their contempt for the opposition ("Your father was a Hmaster and your mother smells of Elderberries!! ) and the second pic shows the revolting peasanty . I have never yet found a use for them myself- they were bought purely for amusment value and they may go in the "For Sale" box along with some other ex- display units which don't have armies. The next pic is something a little different
He's a Bluemoon British Napoleonic painted by Jez Griffin of Shakespear Studios- and yes he's 15mm or 18mm if you prefer. Now I knew Bluemoon were tasty but this shows just how tasty - close up - aided massively by the fact that Jez can paint a bit. Next photo session I'll do some shots of my slowly growing 15mm Malburians. Gawd me doing 15mm Who'd a thought it.


  1. I like the full moon pictures... Just the thing to place in your baggage elements (Baggage, forsooth!). I imagine they would have a most gratifying effect on the enemy...

  2. Steady now Dave just because you wanted to write ARSE on my blog !!1