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Friday 15 June 2012

Getting my choppers out!

I have to say I'm a bit please with myself. Not in any major way but there I was taking some pics for various articles- as you do - well as I do and amonst several not bad sort of pics was this little cracker. What it depicts is a flight of 4 AlouetteIII helicopters in Rhodesian service flying over the bush sometime around 1975. To be precise there are 3 "G-cars" and one "K-car". The G-catrs have the twin .30 cal and the K-car a 20mm cannon. These are 1/100th scale- that 15mm for chaps who don't do scale- models from our "Lil'flyin choppers" range of post WW2 aircraft. Made by Paul Cotton- who also painted 'em they serve to move about my as yet unpainted Fireforce.


  1. Those look pretty darn sweet! Very inspiring. I'm planning to do this same period in 28mm using the Eureka stuff.

    1. Curt. I looked at the Euraka stuff and its very nice but viciousily expensive- at least in the UK. Also getting other vehicles can be a pain in 28mm- and not cheap. I worked out that its a better option to have my own gear designed- with all that entails - in 15mm than to go with the more limited option in 28mm