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Friday 18 January 2013

For your Future Entertainment...

For chaps of a certain age the title phrase is redolent of cinematic memeories. Sometime between the main feature and the adenoidal brunette in the miniskirt with the ice cream tray (Dairy Maid anyone- Drink on a stick?) would come the for your Future Enteraiment slot- previews of future movies so here we have previews of future models First Drabant - more of those wonderful 25mm Dark ages are on the way. This time the lads have their choppers out!
Again to me these have a slightly Eastern look which is as it should be. I'll let you know when they are actually available. Next up my continuing 15mm Modern project and some "Middle Eastern Irregulars"... well Tally Tubbies as I've heard them referred to. There will be 5 new packs - going out under the Firforce miniatures label
First a Command group. Chap on his mobile- probably calling his Mum in Bradford !! Chap on a laptop - updating his Facebook page- status Martydom approaches get the virgins ready ...and of course the leader/spotter who would easily double up as a weapons crew for RCL or 120mm Mortar.
Next a 12.7mm HMG The DHSK or similar with attendent crew and a chap with an RCL round.
This one is admittedly a bit of an oddity and I may put it in with the HMG pack rather than a single. It's a seated crewman for the 14.5mm AAMG in the CDMW range and has the seat fixed to his bum so without a bit of filing isn't much use for anything else. Now the gunpack comes with 4 weapons - either Truck or ground mount so this chap is needed.
Now the Motorbikes- 3 different in the pack - all I have to decide is how many of eac. In addition I'll have a pack pony trian with loads and a pony mounted Warlord I'll photoagraph these when I've finished paionting my pre-prod set . Also out soon will be 2 new WW2 aircraft - A hawker tempest and a Beaufighter and just possibly a couple more 40mm ECW/TYW figures.... I'll keep you posted.

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