Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Switching about...

Its been a while since I've written a proper post here, well it's been a very busy time - hardly had a breather since Crimboand with the weather hardly helping so now is the first chance I've had to get some new pictures of my(very few) recently finished 40mm ECW models. All are conversions or switchings around of available parts from different makers. Drabant, Sash and Saber Romanoff and Jacdaw. Some have been photgraphed previously but I fancied getting them all together as I'm at last starting (just about) to see my way forward in this previously somewhat chaotic project.
This picture shows a patrol of Parliamentarian Cavlary in Scotland sometime in 1651 set upon by a band of Scots "Moss Troopers".
This one shows 2 Officers- who with different paint jobs could be any side in the ECW or even French or Spanish for the Wars of the 1640s and 50s in Europe. Both are basically Jacdaw. The same body pistol Holsters, Sword - differing heads- the hatted one is Sash and Saber- only the pointing arm involved and actual cutting and pinning. The point here of course is that in 40mm this kind of thing is far from difficult- the bits are big enough.
Here are two Ironside cavalry troopers- the riders are both Drabant- though the pistol armed chap has Jacdaw arms since the figure comes firing a carbine which didn't suit the look of the rest of the unit. the Sword armed trooper is on a Sash and Saber horse- since I'd already put that rider on a Drabant horse.
Now a couple of nondescript musketeers- most probably Northern English Royalists both Jacdaw figures almost from the bag as it were.. Now a little drop in scale and period. Jiohn Reidy recently painted me a unit of Bluemoon 15mm Romans. Now I have them based up they just look too tasty to ignre with the camera.
and last but not least "Maximus Incongruous" the Roman general. - again painted by John
I really like these little chaps- I'm very tempted to go back into Ancients... maybe....


  1. Those ECW figures look great. Romans aren't to bad either

  2. Nice looking figures Andy, gotta say them Romans are the biz!

  3. Scotty and Ray
    Thanks chaps - the Romans have Gauls as opposition in the Bluemoon range but Germans are up and coming - hope to have those in time for Salute.they are the lads I fancy as opposition for the Romans. I've another Roman cohort on the go thanks to John Once I have enough figs painted I'll use Tactica as my ruleset for Ancients- have not yet found a set I like better.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Allan- the idea now is to organise those figures I have into something more than the random collection I have built over the last couple of years. I seem to have built figures as the mood took me- trying to discover the limitations of the ranges I suppose.

  5. Just starting to involve myself with matters ECW and was interested to see the 40mm stuff. At present I'm occupied with some of your existing OG 25mm range; wanted to collect some packs at Salute and presume it's best to pre-order?

    I think ECW is one of your favourite periods and wondered if your can advise on best books/websites relating to the actions at Turnham Green and Brentford in 1642.

    Turnham Green is just down the road from me as I live in west London. Difficult to imagine there was a battle in this now built up city area so hoping to grab all the info I can find.


    1. Peter yes best to pre order. As for Turnham green - nothing much actually happend it was more of a standoff than a battle- the king was outnumbered 2 to 1 and the Parliamentary forces were being re-inforced from London so aside from a bit of cannonading nothing happened.
      Brentford though different matter. There was a neat article by Stephen Maggs in MW a few month back which sums it up rather well - I'm a bit biased as I di the photos - John Gywnn has a confued account in his memeiors. There is a little in Yound and Holmesand a bit in Cicely Wedgewood.
      I'll have a look in some of my more esoteric books to see what I can find.

    2. Peter- there is a fine account of Turnham Green in Austin Woolrych - Battles of the English Civil war