Saturday, 4 May 2013

Shinyloo 2 - diversion again.

Back in the Shine or What a load of Shine!!!
Back in July last year I wrote a post called Shinyloo and showed some retro figures deliberately painted in a retro style. I maintained at the time that this was an "occaisional diversion" . So it proved, other stuff , not least my 15mm moderns project- of which I had almost nothing back in July - has mushroomed into 2 forces fitt for the table. So fit in fact that THIS year we, that is the TWATS, will be using them at the Durham show.
However I digree , back to the point. Here therefore are a few more Shiny Dudes
Here we see the Emperor Napoleon Shinyparte and a couple of his staff. Stadden and Willie figues .
These 6 are old Hincliffe Nassauers- so will fight on the Allied side
"Missed Me you Bounder! Wille Officer Stadden Old Guard and Minot British wounded figure.
Close up of the British Officer- Sir Ronseal Yatch-Varnish. Very suitable for a chap so SHINY
I've set myself a few rules for this project- which of course I'll bend or break when it suits me.
1/. Figures should be 30mm or thereabouts- no matter what it says on the packet.
2/. Out of production figures are used where possible. So waiting in the wings I have a bundle of Minots.
All figures to be based singly on round bases. For this project I want a retro look but of a better standard than many of the games from that time.
Nevertheless its still simply a small diversion from the main periodsand I paint 'em this way not because its a fashion or because I'm a memebr of the OFW set but simply becausev it amuses me to do so. Right now back to those 15mm Moderns...


  1. I agree with your sentiments, I paint mine with Humbrol and gloss because I like 'em that way. Lovely figures, by the way.

  2. I remember when "shiny" was THE way to finish figures. My how times have changed.

    1. Fritz- Right- however I remember shiny as the way partly at least because a good consistant flat varnish was almost impossible to find back in the day. So we made a virtue of necessity. There is no doubt that it looks attractive but I'm not sure it works on all figure types orv periods - I wouldn't finish tanks in gloss! or indeed anything that wasn't colourful to start with. These are the only shiny project running at the moment-my other shiny dudes - the 40mm Victorian Toy soldiers have stalled for the moment and the rest of the collection are all flat varnished

  3. Nicely done, very nice pictures!

  4. Shiny is the new Matt !

    So there's going to be wargames at the Durham Wargame show this year too ? ^How innovative.^

    1. Joe So I'm told. I've been promised a table by the secretary so I'm adding some more units to the Army of the "Great Leader" - thats Iraqis really - and to the "72 VIrgins Martyrs Brigade" as well as to the British Forces- all stuff I wanted anyway but the game gives me an excuse.

  5. Hear hear for painting 'em that way because you feel like it not because there is a fad about. That said, there is a pleasing aesthetic to them, different than the other not better, but increasingly such things may be smile with pleasure.

    Highly detailed mini-dioramas tell a story, shiny toys invite the viewer to make one up.


    1. Ross I do like the shiny dudes and was tempted to do some of my hoarde of Stadden AWI that way BUT I already have a chunk painted flat and don't really want 2 separate AWI armies... but that does not mean I won't change my mind....