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Wednesday 20 November 2013

Off to Smoggycon

 This Saturday sees OGUKs last show of the year- Smoggycon in Middlesborough. A small show but great fun  and I don't go there simply for the money.
 We'll be taking all our usual show stock plus some new items

Drabant's new 28mm Normans Painted by Nick Bokarev.
These new items will include some new Bluemoon Colonials- British Lancers and Dragoons for the Sudan and the NW Frontier- actually useable in both.  Afghan Regular Cavalry for the 2nd Afghan War. Napoleonic British  Lifeguards/HorseGuards  and a few other   new items.
 IAlso present will be the whole of thwe Drabant 28mm Dark Ages Range- now 12 boxes strong and including the new Normans seen above.. I'm actually getting a brush round the armoured infantry and they are the business-  more on this when I finish them.
 See you at Smoggy chaps! 


  1. Andrew, Middlesbrough please; you lived here long enough to get it right!

    John Thompson, see you Saturday

  2. John most of the time the locals just said Boro ! and left it at that !!! See you Saturday ! in Middlesbrough