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Friday 20 December 2013

Well thats that ... sort of ...

 Well thats over at last.  Something in the region of 200 parcels and packets  have gone out since the shipment from the US finally arrived on Wednesday afternoon.
 It has been a tad hectic- there are always of course those who think they are the only chaps in the queue. Oftenj they seem to be women or the French.  so its not really their fault- they are just made that way. Mind you its not been nearly as bad in that regard as some years in the past. But that s the way of things .
 Now once I've toddled off to the post office with this last load in about an hour thats it for 2013.
 Carloe and I are having some time off in which there will be NO BLOODY LITTLE SOLDIERS  for at least a few days. I'm sick of the little lead gits

Well sort of....

In addation to a re-order of stock I've had a bundle of new stuff from Bluemoon 15mm
 War of 1812, Gangsters- a lovely set of Hillbillies and their Still  , More Napoleonic Cavalry  including  Austrian and Russian Ulans and a bin load of Colonils- Bengal Lancers Guides Afghan Highland Guard  Afghan Regulars Command  Naval Brigade for the Sudan  - all sorts  of interesting stuff.
 These should be appearing on the website in the next few days as the Webmistress setts about it.
 But me  well  Crimbo is almost upon us and I've a few bottles of faling down water to inspect.....


  1. Have a good Christmas Andy,
    See you in the New Year.

  2. Good new about the 1812 figures, i'll get some ordered when they appear on your site, cheers Pete