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Friday, 21 February 2014

Henry's Hat Trick.

 This is getting monotonous ...
  For the third issue in succession- "the boy done good"  Henry Hyde has produced another fine issue of MW- no 371
40mm Sash and Saber Iron Brigade. This pic is a few years old and these lads have been unused in their boxes for almost 2 years-  real life gets in the way of the Wargaming ....

 Top of the tree is Dillon Browne's article- Work in progress-  yep that's how it goes when you are  thinking about what you do and I will be using his"Generalship points idea for some of my games.
 Grandad's Battle- by Grahame Burke- another fine piece- linking the actually to what we do on the table and showing a little of the human side which is never a bad thing.
 As it happens I've recently met a 90 year old veteran of 16th DLI who fought through the Italian campaign and was twice wounded in action (he  says he was awarded an American purple heart for 24 hours- until the Americans realised he was a brit and took it off him while he was in hospital...) Bob is a splendid chap with a fund of stories- I hope I'm that fit when I'm 90.
 However moving swiftly on  I also liked Dave Tuck and the Grimsby clubs article on the Rise of the Boxers- I used to have forces for the fighting against the "Foreign Devils"  and quite fancy the idea again- this time in 15mm when Bluemoon do the deed. so this piece was a timely reminder.
Henry's editorial also  rang a loud bell-  Recently I've had little time to work on any personal projects and so far this year haven't played a game- I might fit one in come March - so I know exactly what Henry means
 There were other pieces too- the continuing series on Salamanca a piece on Cesar's landing in Britain - Stokes piece on using oils-  which I don't as much as I used to- still have a box full though.and a rather nice piece on Austria first "Tabletop" show.
It is always interesting to see how other chaps handle the hobby  and as I have customers in Austria this especially so. After all we are not all the same thank goodness and while I'm vaguely familiar with the hobby in Germany France Italy and Spain- as well as the Benelux countries until this piece Austria was more or less a closed book- more power to your Elbows Lads!
 So all in all another good issue stuff to read and ideas to think about ... 
 There was also a piece from a bolshie blogger of our acquaintance Gentle readers but we'll pass on that ....


  1. Hi Andy, I agree with you, shock! horror! ;) that this was another readable issue.

  2. Blimey - I may need to review my decision not to re-subscribe if it's as good as you guys say it is!

  3. Hi Colin - there you go another wonder in a week!
    Steve Henry really does seem to be getting into his stride one hopes it won't end in tears !!

  4. Andy, I thought it was a good issue, plenty of thought-provoking articles - including that from the 'bolshie blogger' - and I can see myself using Dillon Browne's ideas too.

  5. I'll await, with baited breath, arrival of said edition at the local newsagent and vote with wedge after establishing bona-fides. Ones mans good may not be another's, yet strangely we have all agreed to varying degrees that something was a little off of late.

  6. Yes Andy, your article reminded me of all the games Colin Smith put on, not just the WW2 dogfight role play, but also the Gettysburg campaign, plus I also remembered your very frustratingly umpired games such as the US back invasion of an island like Grenada and the Elizabethan Irish game starring Owen Roe O'Bottles

    1. Colin- Thanks for reminding me of the kicking I got at Gettysburg... it was a fine campaign though. Indeed I can't think off hand of any of Colin's games that were real turkeys
      The Eliebethans went the journey a few yerars ago but I still have a soft spot for Owen Roe and he may well re-surface at some future time.... possibly in different trousers ...

  7. Dave and Arthur- I do think its vital to get out of the "same old Same old" that the "Corporate Dudes" want us in . You may not always agree with the ideas set forth but as long as there ARE ideas being set forth that is the thing