Sunday, 11 January 2015

A very Serious moment.

Bearing in mind what it says on my Blogger profile aboutfree speech

Je suis Charlie.


  1. Afternoon Andy,
    Having watched the British medjaa banging on about the massacre of those poor sods, I couldnt help thinking of their hypocrisy. Not one of our papers, television channels etc ever posted any of the original cartoons that were published in Denmark and not one dared post any cartoon taking the michael out of these loons.Additionally I see today that certain sections of the Oxford student bubble had previously accused the publishing company of being racist, ah yes, that well known word that is leveled at anyone who dares to highlight the actual threat these nut jobs pose.
    One thing that no bunch of thugs can handle is ridicule, and lets be right, our Islamic friends have given us plenty of ammunition, so I suggest that taking the piss out of any of them and their apologists should be an automatic response to anything they say. Gillray must be turning in his grave.
    I would stress, that in order to still have a job after this post, I embrace all diverse groups, be they one legged Martians or cross dressing ugly men.

    1. Robbie I reserve the right to take the piss at all times. the cowardice of the British press is astounding as the one time home of Free Speech how low have they sunk. However don't foreget we still have Private Eye.
      Think on - if these loonies get their way there would be no Gilray or Rowlandon no Searle of Scarfe further , since much figurative art is banned under Islam probably - no Hals or Rembrandt or Hockney or Reynolds and no toy soldiers either. Indeed nothing but their drab mono chrome viw of the world. Frankly the same goes for any of these religious loonies . Islamism may be todays problem - but look at the Christian right in the USA or in parts of Africa or the more exteme Zionists in Isreal. Lunacy is not solely an Islamic problem. The daft buggers all desreve a serious piss- takijng !

    2. Morning Andy,
      I have been watching a debate? this morning on Sky News where some Editor is justifying the fact that none of the British press have posted any cartoons attributed to Charlie Hebdo, before or after the massacre. Apparently its all down to the fact our satire is different from the French? Really.
      Oh and apparently islamic people do have a sense of humour buts its a tad different than ours. Talk about the bleeding obvious. Oh and of course that old chestnut of marginalisation and exclusion was thrown in for good measure. I knew it was our fault. The only words not used were Colonialisation and Imperialism!!! Im starting to sound like Mr Angry so I better stop.

    3. French satire is often more vicious than ours its true or perhaps less subtle is a better way to put it. This is partly because its a more recent tradition and partly because their libellaws are somewhat different. There is also plenty of Moslem Humour - its the fanatics that have none. It is possible to be a Moslem and a liberal- look at much of Egypt in the last centruy or lebanon before its Civil War