Sunday, 22 February 2015

For an old Friend.

 About an hour ago I had a phonecall from a lady  whose step- Father- in Law has become too ill  with Parkinsons disease to carry on his hobby.
 Some of you out there will know him well .
 I'm speaking of Ex Manchester Area and Durham wargamer
 Dave Hulland. now in his eighties and in a Care Home.
. Those of us who know Dave  are saddened by this
 His  daughter in law has been taked with  sorting out and  disposing of Dave's collection and the poor girl has a job on her hands not knowing a single thing about our esoteric Hobby. She doen't want to just bin the lot !  but of course doesn't know a Byzantine from a hole in the road.
 Dave was  a great one for Ancient Warfare- I well remember his 6mm Macedonians. and Celts and Late Romans
Some  splendid f 15mm Late Romans and Goths and some Early Italians also spring to mind.
 Dave also had an avid interest in the American Civil War.
 More recently Dave had 10mm Byzantines off me and some 15mm Confederates.
 His library- especially for the Ancient World was  also pretty dammned good !
 There is a fair chunk of unpainted stuff too - mostly 10mm and 15mm
 I'm pretty sure several of my regualr readers  know Dave and one or two at least are closer geographically than I am 
 Now this rather nice collection  has to be broken up and sold.
 I've been given permission to pot his Duaghter- In Laws email here  so  intrested parties can perhaps help her with this

 you should contact

I'm sure we all wish Dave and his family well.


  1. Afternoon Andy,
    Its a real shame about Dave. The last time I bumped into him he was looking very frail.This type of call is going to become more common as the greying wargamer era comes to an end.One of the sad things is that a lot of wonderful stuff is going to end in a skip because no one wants it, or people dont understand the worth of the collection.
    I will let John know about Dave, and also about the 10mm stuff.

    1. Robbie- you have a point. But stuff in the skip is quite common I'm afraid .
      Remember the Elder Edda (Norse?Viking for those who've never heard of him 8 th century I think)
      "Men Die, Cattle Die - Only the Deeds of Heroes Live forever. "

      Thats my philosphy for this morning !!

  2. Very sad news indeed, a true gentleman (in ever sense of the word), thank you for keeping his only friends informed Andy.