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Monday 17 August 2015

More ECW units

 Despite a fiarly busy workload at the moment I'm still getting a little painting done. Though to be strictly accuate some of it is "re-conditioning" and tarting up some of the slightly the worse for wear stuff I've aquired over the last year..
Roundhead Cavalry. The lead troop are old Essex figures on Old Glory Horses
 The chaps in the blue sashes are for Fairfax's Northern Association forces. The tow other troops in the background will need to have their Sash Colours changed to eith white or yellow as they are meant for Wallers Southern Association
The Old Glory Horses are not those you get now.These went OOP about 10 years ago but I kept some !
 The Essex troopers fit rather well on the OG   horses- though these are  the older ones which I happened to have some left ,rather than the current production.
 The swaybacked funny legged Essex horses went in the melting pot. Being somewhat venerable all of thse chaps recieved a nice shiny coat. New basing all round,
 Now all I need is time to get these out on the table- I've enough cavalry to re-fight Winceby at about 1-5 I think  Hmmmmm.


  1. Very nice figures, I like the mix of manufacturers and the vibrant colours.
    Pity Prince Rupert and his lads will give them the chop forthwith! :-)