Monday, 28 September 2015

Brutal Boks Bounce Back

England lack disipline and give away a 10 point lead .

What a weekend. England blow it in spectacular fashion- help by some seriously good Welsh kicking by Dan Biggar.  But to squander a 10 point lead by simple indiscipline is appalling- I lost count after 13 penalties- including at least one given away by the bloody captain.
 Laugh! I thought I'd never start !  To cock it up so mightily in your own back yard takes  real "skill" What did my head in was that- England played well in the first half and barring the penalty count were doing OK until the last 20 mins or so then when the subs came on it all fell apart
The Sprinboks batter Samoa and looked like a different team becasue they had something to prove .
 Now Its up to France .... or just possibly Ireland. Wales simply won't have any men left but if they can stick a band-aid on a few .... maybe 


  1. Succinct and to the point. Fully agree.

    1. I had to wait until my anger died down a bit before "reporting" the detactment had gome right out of the window !!!