Monday, 9 May 2016

Carronade- best Club show of the year ?

 A fine day on Saturday 7th May saw the crew and I up before the Larks (does that make us Pill-larks !! probably) to drive to Falkirk for Carronade with a van stuffed with soldiers. Fog in  Northmberland and the borders slowed us down more than a bit- visibility in parts down to 10 metres- Jim was driving using the force!
 However be that as it may once there and unloaded - fortifies by 'orrible coffee and a fine bacon and egg buttie the day began.
 I really do like this shiow. It is usually busy and friendly with lots of different stuff happening- this year was no exception and indeed perhaps better than last year. Considering how similar it is- in terms of  the heritage and condition of the cachement area ( lots of one time heavy industry and years of economic depression) it is amazing how different it was from a show of similar size in a similar area- to whit Battleground in Middlesbrough. You couldn't have to more different events.  Especially as a couple of the attending clubs were present at both.

 Carronade is a little cracker. I already have my name down for next year.
 As for the games - despite a rash of "boutique games" on tiny tables of 4 feet square or less there (and again those put on by "companies" I never saw beibng played)were still enough proper wargames to awake my interest- including at least 2 naval games . One a tiny scale Jutland and the other a fine 1/600th scale Russo- Japanese War game  using ships by none other than Old Glory - so yes I'm biased but nevertheless the models had been beautifully finished. It seemed to be a co-operative effort  between the Border Reivers Club and the Contemptible Little Wargames club - since chaps I knew from Both outfits were playing.
 There were plenty of other games too  a rather large Ancients game and best of all Westerhpoe Wargamers splendid Battle of Assaye,
 Check out their clubs report on the event here .
 Also I do by Gum like their attitude- historically based games played by blokes who read the actual books.. Bloody Well done lads!

 So yes I'll be back to Carronade next year.


  1. A very good account of a fantastic show... it's a show that we as Westerhope W G really enjoy and it's really appreciated to have your comments.. makes it worth while

  2. Was great to chat with you at the show Andy and so glad you liked our game....don't tell any one we bribed you with fruit cake! (Dave from the Westerhope mob).

  3. So that's where you disappeared off to, cake and bribery!!!