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Sunday 10 July 2016

Britains Trees.

Some few weeks  ago I discovered , in the back of the Garage a box of scenery I'd half-forgotten was there.. In it lay treasure!
Back in the late 1970s I'd boght a bundle of the then still in production Britains trees , hedges and walls. I'd added to them in the early 80s during my flirtation with WW2 skirmishing in 54mm. All those assoRted figures and building are now long gone- though there is a photo of one of the games in Mil-mod I think - that we did at NortheRn Militaire one year when I was a member of Durham Wargames Group.
 However the trees somehow survived. The dammed things were all in bits and covered in dust , casting talc and not a few spiders but after a couple of days sorting through them I re-assembled most of them. The cold had got to one or two and made the plastic a bit brittle so I lost a couple but once assembled they do look the business and by no means out of place with the 30mm "Shinyloo" British in the photos. I could also of course use them for 40mm


  1. Great selection of trees.

    I have a few Britains trees, they are mostly used for 40mm/54mm. Although occassionaly I'll use one of two in a 28mm game

    1. I thought they'd gone in various house moves and they were in a bit of a state when I found them again. I've another 4 or 5 in bits but no bases for them .When I get round to it I'll use some MDF bases.
      I do like how different they look from the more usual"bog -brush" trees.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Phil- It is still growing all I need is to find time to get a game in with it !

  3. Have seen a few on ebay and the prices range from expensive to KINELLE!! There are a couple of Oak trees there for around 25 quid each. Still bagged but nevertheless. I'll stick with those I have I think .....