Friday, 6 January 2017

Thank God that is over at last.

Well the holidays are over. Not that Carole and I really had any. Christmas was a total frost due to an outbreak of some  kind of Flu like virus so all plans went out of the window. Then of course you get those people to whom the rules simply do not apply. That is - these days- everyone who wants anything NOW.
 To be sure these are overall a very tiny minority but you end up spending more time  on a chap who thinks he's Trump if he spends a tenner than on blokes who spend  a few tons or even a monkey or more. This of course is a fact of retail life and works in any area of endeavour and is by no means just  a wargaming thing.
 So the world is back to more or less normal. I've almost stopped trying to cough up a lung every 10 minutes and even got a tiny bit of panting done. Though nowhere near as much as I'd wanted. For instance I've cleaned up but not started a  group of the new Blue Moon ECW range. Hopefully it will develop over time into the Dunkirk Dunes campaign.
Some 40mm Thirty Years War. Having been touched up  now awaiting re-basing on round bases. Possibly these will end up taking the p*** out of "The Pikemans Lament."
 I'll have to get a copy of the Osprey "The Pikeman's Lament" even though I suspect it won't be very 17th century. However until I actually get one I'll give it the benefit of the doubt. Mind you  being told it is based around "Lion Rampant"- which I do have does not fill me with confidence.
A couple of 40mm TYW cuirassiers that should may also aid in urinary extraction. 
On to other stuff.
 "Shinyloo" moves on at a pace slightly faster than glacial. with figures being added to both sides. The first game will definitely take place this year- only 6 months or so behind schedule.
Willie and Charlie! - Suren Cuirassiers on Stadden Horses.

There are now almost 200 figures painted for "Shinyloo" with the French having a large preponderance of Cavalry.. Certainly enough for a small "beginners" style "Charge " game. However we'll see. I may use Featherstone instead or perhaps a melange of both.  After all you don't have to tie yourself to a given set of rules.

Royal Horse Artillery. These are  from the Hinchliffe/ Caldercraft 30mm sets. They match in well with the Stadden models I already have. 


  1. Lovely painting, Andy! I could look at your figures all day. Where might I learn more about the Caldercraft figures, please?

    Best Regards,


    1. Stokes. Caldercraft was a sub-division of Hinchliffe in the 1970s. Basically they tried to get Hinchliffe out into small shops in convenient blister packs. The 30mm sets- of which there were never more than half a dozen were all Napoleonic 4 being artillery dioramas of gun and crew boxed with bases , painting instructions and bits of scenic material. There was also a Spanish Napoleonic "campfire scene" .
      Hinds figure still has the 30mm scale guns and crews . i think under his "supergun" catergory - there may still be an absolutly cracking heavy siege gun suitable for the 18th century available- but the gunners don't have the separate swords . I picked up most of those I have from EBAY.
      Most of the stuff under the Caldercraft label was simply re-packaged Hinchliffe. They seem to have withdrawn the idea in the very early 80s but I'm not absolutely sure about that.
      Hope that helps.

    2. Thank you, Andy! That clarifies things nicely.

      Best Regards,


  2. Nicely painted figures; I like the cuirassiers, they are one of the next things on my list to sculpt for my 17C project.

  3. Excellent, love your Renaissance figures!

  4. Thanks for your kind words lads.