Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Roses with Thorns.

Well that is  the hundred up. One hundred finished 40mm Wars of the Roses figure  finished and based. I've organised these in 6 "retinues" to wit Edward IV Warwick the Kingmaker, The Earl of Suffolk for the Yorkists and The Earl of Northumberland, Lord Clifford and the Earl of Oxford for the Lancastrians. Each retinue has a core of men in livery coats to which armoured men -at -arms and unliveried billmen and archers can be added as the scenario dictates.
 More are of course on the painting table- including conversion for a couple of gun crews.
 I'm enjoying this little aside- which by June and the Durham show will be a good bit larger. I quite like producing unique models- even though I'm no sculptor.

The Earl of Oxford's "Star with Streams"- though the precise appearance is somewhat conjectural.
There are now a fair number of conversions and chop jobs within the collection..

The first few of Suffolk's liveried men. Archer on the painting table.

Being in metal the parts are a good bit less fragile that plastic- larger too being 40mm . Makes life easier- very little hunting about on the floor for bits you have pinged off when cutting them from the sprue.

A small skirmish over a palisade with a mantlet. I built the latter for a still under construction gun. The palisades are by Irregular-supposedly for 40mm but a bit small. I may have to make some taller ones. 
So the project marches on. I've a 40mm waggon to build. That promises to be a challenge.


  1. Fantastic looking! Very nice job, and a nice sized force. I have yet to venture into anything larger than 28mm, but these look really nice.

  2. Thanks for your kind words chaps.
    Charles- I have armies inv 15mm 25/28mm/30mm and 40mm. 40mm has its advantages. Mostly in terms of paintability and individuality. In terma of price it depend who you go to. I have 40mm models that cost less to buy new than some "28mm" but of course there are some that can cost a lot more.
    Personally I think it depends on how much of a modeller/painter you are and how much you actually like the models you use- also up to a point how much you want to get out of any given !wargaming rut" and do something a little individual.