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Thursday, 22 June 2017

The rest of the Year. Shows in 2017

 I thought I'd better bring interested chaps up to speed on Old Glory UK's show dates for the rest of 2017.
 We have 3 more events in the rest of this year.
 Next up for us will be Claymore! in Edinburgh of Saturday August 5th at the Usual venue of Edinburgh College ,Granton Campus West Granton Rd Edinburgh EH51QE.
Always a good event and well worth travelling to.We will have all of our usual show stock there . Hopefully we will also have some new Blue Moon  15mm releases in several different ranges. Mad Anthony Wayne, Xulu war and maybe Boxer Rising.

After that there will be The Other Partizan at the George Stephanson Hall, Newark Showground.  on August 20th. Now the change in venue really has sparked this show up. No more dark dreary Kelham with miners lamps on your head.! No more tortuous unload with everybody and his brother getting in the way.
 No that is all gone. Now we have a light airy hall where you CAN see your hand in front of your face and you CAN get your gear in easily. The catering is, by show standards pretty good too.
 So yes we shall be there again with all of our usual show stock

Our final show of the Year will be the Derby Worlds at the new venue of Bruntingthorpe in Leicestershire- pretty far away from Derby really and to all intents and purposes a new show. on the 7th and 8th October. The new venue looks good in the promo video- similar to Newark but perhaps a bit shinier and after a bit of a false start the new organisers seem to be getting it together.


 WE ARE ONLY TAKING 15MM and possibly 10mm ranges to this event. as we have only booked a 12 foot stand due to the high price of stands at an unproven event.
 So we will have with us all the Blue Moon 15mm and all Command Decision WW2 and Modern.and very possibly all of the 10mm Gunpowder ranges.
 All other ranges will need to be pre-ordered. as we will not be carrying 25/8mm or 40mm with us at this event.
 This restriction ONLY applies to this show

Of course pre-orders are welcome for all 3 shows and as ever the "6for5" deal will be in operation.

Now that is it for the rest of the year as far as shows are concerned.
 As I intimated in an earlier post I will not be attending Border Reiver in September- the current organisers made it quite clear that Old Glory UK would not be welcome so I am complying with their wishes.


  1. Must admit I am a bit sad to miss out on Derby/Leicester but such is life. Totally agree about Partizan though, a totally different venue to Kelham and much, much better. Atmosphere be damned!

    1. I suppose it is "atmospheric" not being able to see your hand in front of your face.
      Glad Kelham has gone- best thing the Irregulars could do. Turned a show which had become decidedly "meh" in its last few years at Kelham back into a first class event.

  2. Hammerhead at the same venue is in my opinion a better show as the games are all participation and the punters stay longer and seem a more enthusiastic group.

  3. As I have said I'm a bit ambivalent to PP games personally especially the way they tend to be run in the UK- see the following post to this one but the main problem with Hammerhead (for us) is that it is in Feb/March. Also we have never been invited.... Also God save me from too much enthusiasm ..... and equally too little

  4. Is that how it works these days?
    You get invited or do you just apply for a stand?

    1. In 26 year in the biz I have never been to a show I have not been invited to. If they are full or don't want me fine I can live with it there are plenty of other shows about .
      Equally how can you "apply" if you have no knowledge of the shows workings?.
      Mind you at this stage I'm not looking to add more shows to my calendar- 3 shows in the same venue in 1 year would be milking the cachement area.