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Saturday 2 September 2017

The waiting will soon be over....

It has been a bit of a thin time here at OGUK the last week or so. I've been waiting for my next shipment from the USA for what seems forever.  Well it should arrive this coming Wednesday, according to UPS. There will be 11 boxes/crates with an awful lot of soldiers in them. Some of this stuff was actually ordered in Mid-July. Indeed some was ordered in late June but didn't get into my last shipment.That would be the new 15mm Boxer Rebellion from Blue Moon. However more of this range has come out since then so I should have almost all of it in this shipment.

 Local readers of this might wonder why I'm writing on the same day as the Border Reiver show- well chaps I'm not there nor will ever be again. For details see earlier posts or indeed contact me directly

 Anyhow on to more important matters- well anything at all really. I'm also hoping to have at least some of the new Blue Moon Napoleonic Russian Cossacks in this shipment though probably not all of them as some were released too late to go in I think. Likewise the newest British Napoleonic release but any that are missing from this lot I'll get in next time which shipment will hopefully be timed to arrive in time for the Derby Worlds at the new venue in rural Leicestershire on 7th and 8th October
 Now as I have said previously I'm only taking a 12 foot stand at this event so will only be bringing 15mm and possibly 10mm to the show. The only 28mm we will take for certain is Drabant  Raven Banner and just maybe our remaining discounted unit packs. All other stuff will need to be pre-ordered although we will be offering our "pay at the show and get it post free" service for items we don't have with us.

So that is all the news that is fit to print this time around More info as I get it
 The Old Glory UK newshound .....

Dateline September 7th 2017
 11 boxes arrived yesterday- finished unpacking them and have sorted much  but not all
 I now have stock of the new Boxer Rising range and the new Russian Napoleonic Cossacks as well as a bundle of Mad Anthony Wayne.
 These will be added to the website in the next few days- some are already there but need to be activated.


  1. I say old chap - don't comprenday the banter no understando the lingo or am I missing something .....

  2. With the comment about being a newshound, there is a stereotype of a news report being followed by a comment, Film at 11, meaning they were waiting for the videotape of the report to arrive.

  3. Never seen a film in a newspaper Oh of course a young whippersnapper like you won't know about hot metal printing

  4. Naturally! By the time I was born, we'd moved on to dot matrix printers!

  5. Andy, in your opinion what 40mm Dark Age Saxon additions could put us into the pre-Norman Dark Ages. I would suggest a Saxon commander(s), spearmen with mail, a small contingent of horse figures. Wouldn't that with the current Vikings and Saxons get the ball rolling. Thanks. Maynard- Virginia USA

    1. Basically look at the Drabant 28mm range for inspiration- with the exception of the huscarles they are all really 10th century or earlier in style and the 2 "shieldwall" packs A2802 and A2807 are superb. I don't really see the point of doing mounted Saxons though. The jury is still out on weather they ever used horses for more than strategic transport. The few references to cavalry are a tad ambivelant. Not only that I'm not convinced that such figures would sell. Though the rest certainly would.