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Monday 27 November 2017

Expectation of arrivals

My next shipment from the USA of  Blue Moon, Old Glory, Sash and Saber and Raven Banner will - so says UPS- be delivered this coming Wednesday. It is a big shipment of 15 boxes/crates containing roughly a quarter of a tonne of miniatures. Chaps waiting for back order will as usual be dealt with on a "longest wait first sorted" basis once I have broken down and sorted out the several thousand packs of figures. This job may take a while but stuff will start leaving here on Thursday and Friday I should think with the bulk going off early next week.
 As soon as this lot is sorted I will be putting in another order to the USA for the gear I've run out of in the intervening time while this order was being cast and packed though I cannot guarantee that I'll get that in hand before Christmas.
As always if your are unsure drop me an email or give me a bell- details on the website - alsp check out the oldglory newsdesk blog on the OGUK  website.


  1. Have fun - just imagine it's an early Xmas!

    1. Yes but not for me. A quarter of a tonne of gear is an awful ot of toys quite a bit of which will be going out of the door in the coming days.
      As it happens I'm currently waiting for the UPS truck which according to the UPS tracking site left Gateshead on his delivery run at 9.11 this morning. Now the driver always do their "red service" faster deliveries first. My 15 boxes/crates are "blue service" so it will be a few hours yet.

  2. Further- Almost finished unpacking so the first bundle of baclk order leaves in about an hour from this.

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