Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Mutiny Colours

Finally the first of the Bengal Mutineer regiments have their colours. According to the sources some- but by no means all of the rebel regiments carried their old British Colours into battle.In style the flags were similar in style- but differing in detail - to British regiements of the day / It was no big deal to download some generic British Napoleonic flags from warflag.com and the repaint to suit.

I've deliberately hidden the centres of the flags so they could be several yellow faced BNI regiments 
As the mutineer force grows more regiments will be added- though not all will have colours as some were destroyed and other simply left behind.

Figures all 28mm Old Glory from packs CMM 1 ,2 ,OR 3 


  1. Stunning colors, very nicely done!

  2. Wonderful stuff Andy. My Mutiny project has stalled. Well, if I'm to be honest all my projects have stalled (for reasons that I won't bore you all with). Though I'll be back very, very soon!!

  3. Thanks chaps- ass for stalling- happens all the time you just can't keep all your balls in the air at once !