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Sunday 2 September 2018

A perfectly constructed sentence ?

Now it has been a week since our groups last game and frankly I have simply not had time to write it up. However Andrew the Tekkie- our resident Moderns Man  has done so. Since he was umpire it seems only right that he should take up the story

All the info you need is there.
 However a word about the intresting title of his post .
 Many years ago when my Dad worked for Sunderland Forge and Engineering I was on a courtesy tour of the works with him. Now there were were in a "fettling shed" or similar when I heard the fearsome cclang of metal on metal and a cry of rage and anguish

 "The F"""""g f"""r's f"""""g F"""ED!!!

Now at the time I was new to the North- East and had had frequent trouble understanding what was said to me what with the plethora of "Hinnies" and "Marras" and Hadaway and Shyteman- which still may indeed be a firm of Geordie solicitors !  Yes this perfectly constructed sentence I understood immediately - and it shone out as a beacon in the then firmament of language.(It was 1974)
 So Bravo to the unnamed fettler whose trouble game me such clear understanding !


  1. Amazing really, how few letters can say so much and be so easily understood so well by so many.

  2. The most flexible word in the English language ...

  3. I came across that very same statement back in the late 70s when I was in the army. It was a REME guy passing comment on the state of a Ferret scout car.

  4. Funny Colin - I am currently rereading a book about UK National Service by Trevor Royale - "The Best Years of their Lives" and same quote on P 115 - "One National Service officer made a point of discouraging swearing in his company...Travelling in a vehicle that broke down on Salisbury Plain ….after a lengthy delay...the driver turned to the officer and gave his reason for the breakdown..."Eee, sir..the fooking fookers fooked!"

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