Friday, 1 March 2019

Still Shiny After All These Years

Now perspicacious reader may notice the allusion to a Paul Simon song here - well in passing anyhow.. Always been a minor Fan of Paul and Art ever since I first saw "The Graduate" with a young Dustin Hoffman and Anne Bancroft in the leading roles. That apropos of nothing at all except that I wanted a snazzy title for this post.
Stadden 30mm Cuirassiers. The designs are at least 50 years old. Some of these castings were pushing that when I bought them TLC required.

Although I have been ferociously busy this last month- busiest Feb I can recall-  I have still managed to finish a very few new figures for the neverending "Shinyloo" project which continues to grow. The next game in the ongoing series- again using Young and Lawford's Charge! from thr 1960s will be on March 9th at our usual watering hole. Once again Napoleon Shinyparte will try conclusions with  the Duke of Wellyboot. Each having slightly larger forces than last time out as I repair and paint assorted old retro style figures that I could not afford in my youth.
Close up of the officer- who needed a new sword and hand. 

 Yes this project is nostalgic. Yes it is self indulgent but it is also a distinct antidote to the dice rolling mania of much of today's wargaming- lite. However having said that Charge! is not a complex system to understand. indeed it is very very simple but such are its nuances that it  punishes gamesey non period tactics which is as it should be.
Voltigeurs and Grenadiers again Stadden 30mm  of considerable age.

So recent additions to Shinyparte's forces include some Stadden Cuirassiers as well as some more infantry .The British have had some more Scots Greys added and even a small troop of Royal Dragoons both of which were pictured in earlier shinyloo posts on this blog.
Close up of the Hornist and Officer. 

Now next on the painting table are some Old Glory 28mm Indian Mutiny as I want to get that project on to the table by the middle of the year if I can.


  1. Splendid colors, love the beautiful and motivated cuirrassiers!

    1. Thanks Phil- when you consider how old the orginal designs are Stadden figure are pretty smart.

  2. His son is carrying on the tradition with railway figures at various scales. In fact TrafirTraof London still supply lots of the old sculpts. Wonderful memories.

    1. I do sometimes buy from Tradition and yes I was aware of Andrew Staddens work- he also sculpt some wargames figures for Crann Tara miniatures