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Friday 25 September 2020

Izzy- whizzy - we ARE busy.

Anyone remember Sooty? or Sweep or Sue or even Ramsbottom the snake?  I suppose it depends how old you are.  The man who had his hand up Sooty was Harry Corbett in my childhood and I - at 6 years old was a fan. When he was casting a spell with his magic wand the cry was always "issy-whizzy0 lets be busy" and mayhem would ensue.

 Well the little furry bugger must have been waving it about something fierce  because we here at OGUK HQ are more than a little busy. A shipment came in this week so we have sorted it and made a good start on the back orders. Almost 80 parcels this week alone. I'm knackered ! More in the queue for next week . We will get there. Another order goes off to the USA in a few days to cover the next load of stock I need.  You might have guessed that in the time taken to get this lot from the USA other stuff has  sold out since. 'Tis always the way when you have such large and varied ranges as we do.

Ah well back to the grindstone ...... 


  1. He’s still going strong! My daughter loves it, even though she’s getting a bit too ‘cool’ for that sort of thing 😆. I watched during the Harry years too. Fun fact: Ramsbottom was voiced by the chap who made the Sooty-sized props.

    1. I knew hes was still about - but the Ramsbottom fact was a new one ! My wife loved all the little props .

    2. The puppeteer is a Richard Cadell who took over from Mathew Corbett, son of Harry Corbett

    3. Knew someone had taken over from Matthew Corbett but didn't know his name. - Sooty is still amusing in an innocent way