Friday, 16 April 2021

More Shiny 30mm Men.

 So blag posts have been thin on the ground lately  but like buses(anyone remember them)  there are none for ages the 2 come along at once. 

 The photos are of my latest rather small unit for "Shinyloo" my retro Napoleonic mostly  30mm collection. These aged chaps are from Barry Minot who made a good bundle of assorted 30mm Historicals in the 70s and 80s. These days  some are a bit thin on the ground - which is why this unit is only a dozen strong. I have a couple more of the figures but they need some TLC and repair before I start painting them. 

Minot 30mm Painted as Fusilers -Grenadiers.

I do now have quite a bundle of Minot Napoleonics. Some splendid French Cuirassiers and a fair number of British Infantry and French Imperial Guard but of course most of them need painting. Earlier "Shinyloo" posts show those I have actually finished - both Minot and other makes. 

Firing line. Again Minot

Loading - an Officer and Ouch that Hurt ! 

 The "Shinyloo " collection is now in sight of 400 individual  models- not quite there yet but I can see it from here. Still  plenty to paint though. 


  1. Wonderfully animated and painted figures! Awfully tempting, but I must resist.

    Best Regards,


  2. Beautiful figures, love the injured guy...

    1. Thanks chaps the injured chap appears in the Old Guard too- I have 1 plus a few other wounded and casualties Minot did. His animation was always good though sometimes his detail work was just a little bit off. Nevertheless I like his 30mm work.Not easy to come by these days.

  3. Great looking figures, excellent poses and beaut painting!
    Regards, James

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