Friday, 26 November 2021

You Can't have too many Elephants.

My various Indian projects often move with almost glacial slowness- what with work and other stuff getting in the way-  but I do get the odd item finished every now and again  so here are a few pictures of the most recent efforts that I have actually finished myself. 

Rohillas Jezzailichis, or Pathans if you prefer.
All Old Glory 28mm from the same pack CNP2

There will be a fair amount of intermixing here between the various units and forces stretching from the late 18th century until the end of the Indian Mutiny and in a few cases even later- though of course much of the earlier stuff is not usable for the later campaigns.

Another shot of the Pathans/Rohillas.

A pair of old Willies !
A couple from the old Suren 'Willie' range of 30mm figures 
These from his Sikh Wars range.

Now for the finale as you might say. One of the reasons for wargaming Indian campaigns is the simple fact that you can model Elephants. I have a couple on the painting table currently - in the queue as it were- but this is the first one to be finished. 

Elephant drawn 24pdr gun.

Another shot of the same model..

The elephant and limber are from AW miniatures who do some nice stuff for India - though perhaps it it on the large side for some tastes. The gun , which fits in perfectly, is an old Hinchliffe model from the 30mm range but you can get a nice 24pdr from AW.. I had a couple of these Hinchliffe pieces lying about so it  seemed appropriate to use them.  Different crews from  the 1790s onwards will use this in various scenarios. 
 This will be having its first outing tomorrow as I am umpiring a small game for our little group .
 Should be fun! 


  1. Superb figures...and top notch elephant vignette, truly gorgeous!

    1. Thanks Phil. Got a bundle of Elephants to paint.

    2. Andy, You have a parade of elephants to paint.

    3. This is true - I need a bigger box just for the 'hathikhana'