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Friday 17 December 2021


 There are times when I despair - The run up to Crimbo being one of these. Now don't get me wrong I don't mind a bit of Christmas cheer , assuming I actually get the time to enjoy it. This year that is looking increasingly unlikely. However passing on from that, what  I REALLY dislike is others acting like arseholes 'because its Christmas innit.' . Especially this year  with  Covid still stalking the land. Then of course there are all of those godawful Christmas adverts about the place, bloody Crimbo music in the shops makes me wish for the magical appearance of  heavy weapons so I can blow the sound system away . One more bloody Michael sodding Buble crimbo crooning and I may just scream.

Whatever happened to the Sally Annie band rather than the piped mid-lantic slush. Where  are Noddy Holder  and the lads? People go on about 'Traditional Christmas ' but of course it isn't, it is merely the next  phase in the neverending marketing racket.

 Some of the so-called 'party-food' put out by such as M and S  brings me near to throwing up  just looking at it. Gawd knows what would happen if I was daft enough to actually eat any of that overpriced crap. A bad case of the two bob bits on top of Omicron because I was idiot enough to go to some silly party or other .... NAH I think I'll pass thanks.

 No, as usual Carole and I are looking forward to a bit of P and Q perhaps with the odd glass of something  French and fizzy and (given the foregoing) the odd striped minty sweet ! Even perhaps a mince pie or three and maybe some slight culinary overindulgence. A re-charging of the batteries for the coming year.

 Yes we will be keeping our heads down more than usual .

 Hearing assorted thickies  going on about not being vaccinated is certainly worrying.  Here in the NE of England something around 20-25% of  so called adults have not yet had a single jab. This is mind numbingly stupid to say the least not to mention astoundingly selfish. Kill yourselves by all means - your choice-and it will improve the gene pool, but to infect others because of your intransigent stupidity?' Oh but we wanted to have our Christmas' and see our loved ones .... and possibly infect them perchance? 

Not doing that either- Carole and I have both had 3 Civid jabs plus the flu jab- dumb not to really .So while we are protected up to a point it would be stupid to go out seeking sorrow for some transitory ... er... enjoyment so we'll keep our heads down and 'zoom'  about - well actually portal but you get the point 

Better that than coughing up a lung on boxing day . 


  1. Are you in danger of forgetting that people have a had a bad time over the past few months and deserve a bit of fun, no matter who else pays the cost, unless of course you work for the NHS, when you don,t actually deserve a day off or a living wage.
    Or a Tory MP who believes protecting others is an inconvenience to their personal liberty.

    1. -Sliding tongue firmly into cheek 'Define bad time and deserve!- Bad time is when some bugger is shooting at you or you are freezing to death in the English Channel to name only two. I hardly think 'not going to the pub' qualifies further than 'mild inconvenience'.

  2. It's the same all over, give or take. Considering she is, after all, Tory Lite, Jacinda and Co have at least handled the COVID gig pretty well in this country, for all the whining and moaning from the selfish idiot fringe. To be sure, the entrepreneuial types who actually do produce something by way of a service or good, have been hit pretty hard; and the Fat Cattist rentier types who make billions doing diddly squat continue to rake it in - the argument against a corporate and capitals gains taxes gets day by day harder to defend (supposing anyone bothers any more).

    I have some sympathy for the sceptic non-vaxxer; none at all for the political non-vaxxer. There are some questions that might require answering - I've heard a few reasonable ones for which I found only partial answers... It was only on the 'balance of probabilities' I've taken the jabs (I do the annual 'flu thingy as well).

    At any rate, Big Andy, I do hope you achieve a meed of enjoyment and satisfaction from the coming ... erm ... 'festivities' (even if, like mine, they will be of the P and Q variety, with a side order of good tucker).

    1. Hi Ion. When I read some of the anti-vax shit that is out there and see the buggers picketing schools to frighten the kids then any sympathy I may have had evaporates faster than a set of election promises. Yes its a balance of probabilities that even with a modicum of scientific knowledge comes down on the better jabbed than dead side.
      And yes I do expect to enjoy a decent Christmas - Hope you do too.

  3. Can't argue with any of that! Happy Christmas!

  4. I do find it amazing that there is a part of the population that doesn't believe the scientific advice being given and that it is only propaganda designed to control the masses. Incredible.
    Still I, like you, am looking forward to a week with little to do other than paint figures, drink beer (bottled craft beer) and over eat.
    Merry Christmas.

    1. Exactly my view- especially the bit about the beer !