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Friday 17 November 2023

Khalsa ! A Guide to Wargaming the Anglo Sikh Wars.

It's Out!  

So here is my second book and my first in the Helion Wargames series.

It was  both fun and challenging to write. To be honest I found the 'wargaming' bits sometimes more of a challenge then the 'history' bits but it all seems to have come out right in the end.. I have not yet seen a print copy  but the final proof looked pretty dammed good in my very biased opinion.
 Interested chaps can  buy a copy here. 

on the Helion website at an introductory offer price.
 Also Helion will be at Battleground Wargames show in Stockton - on- Tees on Saturday 25th November - as indeed will I .
 My gaming group and I will be running a Sikh Wars game in 28mm based around one of the scenarios in the book.
 See your there perhaps. ?


  1. I thought it was very good, an ideal one volume introduction to/resource for the period, but would have liked to see more mention of figures other than 28mm. Congratulations.

    1. Second try ! Thanks I appreciate it. I mention all the ranges- in any scale- that I could find in the appropriate appendix. While writing I could not find any chaps who did the period in any scale other than '28mm' . I did find ranges in 6mm 15mm 20mm 25mm 28mm and even 30mm. All are mentioned in the Appendix on model availability.