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Tuesday 19 December 2023

Here we go again another Crimbo......

 Well it is THAT time of year yet again- does not seem that long since the last one  really. Yes it is  Christmas. A time for overindulgence and frivolity. Well  for some anyway . I get the impression that plenty will have a pretty thin time this year. The exception as always being our 'glorious government' and its odious cronies.

 A Christmas booze-up in 1461 gets out of hand !
 Actually a picture of some of my 40mm Wars of the Roses collection. This pic is of some age - it once appeared as a front cover for Miniature Wargames magazine. 

Speaking for myself  I rarely push the boat out simply because Carole and I want a few days off to recharge after 50 weeks of work. Perhaps the odd glass or two a mince pie perhaps, but no bloody turkey - I hate the stuff.

I shall not be completely idle as I am now working on another book  and as always I have plenty of soldiers to paint. Currently th painting desk has a few additions to 'shinyloo', some Pathan tribesmen and a couple of  Landrovers on it to add to various ongoing projects, so we shall see what we actually get done over the holidays.

So Gentle Readers as the Festive Season approaches Carole and I wish you all good cheer. Merry Christmas to one and all and here's hoping for a brighter and better NEW YEAR. .

Andy and Carole. 


  1. I remember the very cover of MW. Have a lovely Xmas and a cracking New Year. and get those Pathan's finished! ;>)

    1. Thanks - and the same Best Wishes back atcha Dude ! and yes at least some of those Pathans will be finished 'ere long.