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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Russian Magic .

Now it may not have escaped your notice Gentle Reader that I'm a devotee of 40mm size models- in scale terms this works out at about 1/43rd or Railway O guage or 7mm = 1 foot.
I have a fair collection of these figures and a couple of ranges of my own aside from Sash and Saber.
Also I have Drabant Miniatures of Moscow . These are what is known as a bit tasty and I've been importing them into the UK for the last 4 or 5 years or thereabouts.
They are not cheap- about the Same price as Foundry's re-released 40mm ACW BUT IMHO far superior and Remember Moscow is a long way off so they have a way to travel - not just down the road in Nottingham.
For myself I'm slowly building a Marlburian Collection and will get around to some TYW in the fullness of time. I have a few ACW in my largely Sash and Saber Collection and our own line of Ancient Greeks was largely sculpted by the Drabant team.
So when Drabant owner Nick Bokarev sent me these pictures I thought I'd share them .
The first shows Dutch Guards of the very late 17th- early 18th century and the second a Swedish Heavy gun and crew of the Great Northern War period.


  1. Those Dutch are lovely - very nice...

  2. Very nice figures and beautifully painted - they look more like 54mm. The extra 10mm or so seems to make a big difference to their realism.

  3. Couldn't agree more Despite the expence I love 'm. All I need is a 29 hour day to get more painted.

  4. Drabant figures are superb, the price is a bit daunting. I'm using a few for special figures or to add some variety to units.

    -- Allan

  5. great blog superb figures I love these larger scale figs....have painted many plastic 54mm's (wargamed ACW & Medievals in this scale until 8 years ago when my long term wargame friend got divorced & re married his troops have been retired ever since!) & will experiment with Front ranks supern AWI 40mm's over christmas

  6. Women- can't live with'm- wouldn't want to love without mine !!