Monday, 30 April 2012

Afew good (40mm) men

Despite the recnt buy patch I've managed to paint the odd figure or two. Above are a couple more 40mm ECW pieces- a mounted Mosstrooper and an officer of the New Model the former largely jacdaw and the latter Sash and Saber.
Next an addition to my 40mm Wars of the Roses collection. Mainly here its John the flags splendid standard but I had to make a figure that did it justice so a converted ex Brook miniature- now Romanoff- chap did the deed after a bit of cutting and fiddling. Bases for these will be MDF sold as Flames of war bases. Such well made bases need to be put to a better use than that rather childish game !!
and finall this time 3 Sash and Saber Coureurs de Bois from the FIW.. All of these have been on the desk for some time but as ever work gets in the way I've even managed to finish another unit of 28mm ECW cavalry for the demo at the Durham show in June.


  1. Splendid looking Chaps. Love your trees as well. Did you use Noch leaves/foliage?

  2. The Trees are a misture some are rubberised Horsehair tghat I've had for years some are bought at a show- and have metal trunks an as you say Noch foliage.