Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Name Dropper!!

In between various bits of work in preparation for Salute I thought I'd post a couple of pics of my tiny force of 7YW Prussians. Chaps may have noticced that I'm not a fan of Frederick the Average, nevertheless I do seem to have aquired a couple of units - mostly with the intention of turning them into Hessians so that they can stand alongside the Marquis and his British army. However these pics were taken for a precise purpose namely to illustrate an article by Stuart Asquith on the Battle of Soor in Miniature Wargames a few months back-
The first shot shows Grenadiers- Old Glory Figures painted about 12 years ago by Jim the Painter - though in real life he's a builder- but he's also a leading light in the T.W.A.T.S.- who (more name dropping) have also appeared in the pages of MW
Again More painting by Jim this time Old Glory Prussian Musketeers.
and Finally.... some 30mm Stadden which I paiinted about 10 years ago. though the majority figures are at least 20 years older than that as I bought a job lot secondhand sometime in the 80s - I've added a few since and still have 30 or so to paint. I did enjoy the painting challence of the cast metal flags. In terms of size these old lads are about the same height as OG but of course much slimmer -still on the table they look fine together.

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  1. Very nice indeed sir - smashing stuff!