Friday, 11 May 2012

Bluemoon Napoleonics

Despite not really being a 15mm man. I am continually impressed by the Bluemoon stuff I carry. Now I hear you cry "Of course you would say that you are trying to flog the stuff. Well yes but I wouldn't be trying to flog it if it was crap ,I'd have turned it down so here is a pic of a British Napoleonic unit- the 33rd at Waterloo. Painted by John Reidy
Reading Steve Earley's coumn in the June issuec of MW regarding sizes and scales I find I mostly agree with him- a minor miracle in itself Size is very personal choice but I do find many wargamers quite narrow in their interpretation os size/scale- do they I ask know the difference some certainly do not averring that 15mm is a scale when its a size or as I am coming around to thinking more of a genre. The patheticarguments between 15mm and 18mm or 25mm and 28mm are at best mind numbing at worst divisve and nasty. If you want all your toys exactly the same advsancing forward like mindless perryclones then fine (now who's being nasty - yep its me !!) but sorry dudes there is more out there than that variety being the spice and all that. If I was a normal punter I'd have troops from several makers in the same army- Oh Yes I do !! Even within OGUK there is a breadth of styles Old Glory25mm Sash and Saber 25mm Old Glory 2nd Edition, Jacdaw- all different but all more or less compatible in terms of size- at least where appropriate I'd have 'em all in the same army if not the same unit. If I were a more committed 15mm chap I'd mix Fantassin and Eureka in any Napoleonic force I did along with Bluemoon as in terms of size they are all pretty close.

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  1. i have to say i do agree , mix and match , not every one is same size or weight!