Tuesday, 22 May 2012

ECW units

Further to my previous post here are a couple of pics of some of the ECW units I was adding for the "Bridge called Crapridden" game now not to be played at the Durham Show. First more Roundhaed Artillery
and now some Royalist Cavalry -to be precise the Earl of Northamptons Regiment.
All the figures are Old Glory 25mm - or 28 if you prefer- though some of the cavalry are actually from the Eastern Rennaissence range and are sold as Imperialist Harquebusiers. Of course not all the horse on both sides wore English 3 barred pots. The Royalists especially had to import a fair bit of kit from abroard.


  1. Just have to have another game at the pub, oh well more beer, life's a bitch!

    1. Going to rtry to fit a game in in July I think. I very much doubt I'll get one in before then now Durham is off. Pity really but its their loss. As I've said in the previous post there is no real reason for me to go to the show if I'm not gaming. As a trade show there is no-one there I might buy stuff from that I can't get at other shows. Their Trader list shows 17 traders only 2 or 3 of whom have ever had any of my money of which only Irregular have had money off me at that show. There are a few who do good gear or books who have had my cash at other places As for the rest they either don't interest me or their stuff is crap. Which is which I leave you to work out.