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Monday 26 November 2012

Smoggy Smoggy and funny hats

So thats it for this year- no more shows until York next Feb. Which frankly suits me. Smoggycon was fine but aptly named as visibility home was at time about 20 metres which meant a bit of slow driving before we got to the pub for a pint on the way home. Now as for the show itself- see Robbie Roddis blog the independent Wargames group as I didn't get to see much of it being too busy selling soldiers. Nevertheless I'll be back to the Southlands centre in March for Smoggy's youger cousin and back for the origonal next Novemeber. One of the things that- perversly I like about smaller local shows is the fact that they enable me to talk to chaps. Gigs like Salute hardly allow that there are usually plenty of chaps waving money at me and all I tend tyo say is Next please !! or pass the shovel Jim! - Not that I'm complaining mind but Salute is a commercial show first and foremost. Not all the shows I choose to do are done for primarily commercisal reasons. As for the funny hats- I realise that the statement I'm about to make may heap coals of fire upon my head but here goes-
There it's said phew done it. This will not be a permanent condition but currently I'm finding the 18th century just a tad on the tedious side. I find this happens to me with all periods from time to time. To be fiar tricornes have lasted longer than most- only the ECW outlasting them. I've had my current25/28/30mm 18th century collection for the best part of 20 years but its going on the back burner for a whileas I want to do other stuff. In other sizes- 15mm and 40mm mostly. So here are some pics of other stuff in my collection which may see the light of day on the table next year- NONE of these have rolled a dice in anger in the last twelvemonth.
The nearest this lot have got to battle is my display case at shows. Likewise some Swiss I have and Hungarians and Turks. Not quite armies but enoough for a ggame- especially if I do a few more??? For the record they are all Old Glory 28mm- or 25mm when they were painted. I must see if I can find the pics of the Hungarian Hussars....

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