Monday, 18 March 2013

...all I've got is a photograph.....

Now as someone who's been at this Wargaming lark for more years than I care to remeber I've picked up betimes a fiar bit of Flotsam and Jetsam. so here are a few pictures I found on a disc marked 2003 - I think I remebr where they cam from but I may be wrong so here goes.
this one is a bundle of 28mm Old Gklory- 25mm of course when the pic was taken- showing Portugese Napoleonics- they must be conversions as we don't do Portugese. I think, like all of this group, that they are by the "Like A Stomewall " Wargames group from the Midlands. Tim and Barry and the lads do some fine dsiplay games around the shows. This must be one of theirs.
This one seems to be ECW scots- which of course we do make again in 25/28mm(take your pick dudes!!) but other than its from the same club as previous that tyhe lot.
and finally an Ancients shot.- Again from the Stonewall team.. These are our Roman Republicans. Way back these were my favourite Ancient army.
This last one is mine from way back when I was part owner of Reiver Castings and shows Colonel Piercey Kirks Regiment of Foot as they would have been at Sedgemoor in 1685. One day I'll go back to this period .
So there we have it 4 photographs from the past no idea if the soldiers still exist but the disc does. I'll post more as I sort them out.


  1. I do like the new set out of the blog, nicely up to date and more readable. Well worth the effort mate.

    1. Yes I'd been pondering re-design for a while Not sure if this is the final design yet but its closest. Andy