Thursday, 4 April 2013

... All I've Got is a Photograph... (Part 2)

Just grabbing a quick half- hour or so between casting sessions so thought I'd update my blog. The problem is what to discuss- recently on Linkedin amongst the British Military History group there has been an at time fierce discussion on the "Wooden Spoon" for British Generals which because of its interest has taken up such time as perhaps I should have used for blogging. Nevertheless here I am having a bash again and it seemed to me that digging out an old CD of pictures might prove inspirational and so it proved I found these6 pictures of what seems to be an ECW game. Certainly the figures are mine but I haver no memeory of the game itself. It must have been before we- that is the TWATS met at out current pub location as I see no pints in wevidence. That means it is at least 7 or 8 years ago perhaps longer. Some of these pics were also used on the OGUK website. But as for the game ... nope its all gone.

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