Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Moscovite Magnificence continues...

IN between preparing for the splendid insanity that is Salute and awaiting a majore -resupply from the USA for that show , casting up new 15mm Modern chaps , new Aircraft I havn't had a lot of spare time- and frankly what I've had I've tried to make "soldier-free" - you get sick of the little lead gits at times. Nevetheless when Nick Bokarev sent me thse pics of the newest Drabant 28mm Dark Ages Rus I did utter a small OOOHtasty ! of appreciation. I won't have these 2 new packs in time for Salute- but should I hope have them in tiome for Triples. I'll have the rest of the range at Salute though along with the 40mm . So these pictures depeict 2 more packs of this growing range. Ilove the slightly eastern look - as you would expect. Since its looking incresingly likly that "I hate Tricorn Hats" is set to continue- even to the extent of selling off my 28mm 7YW forces - assuming I can get the right price - then some of these chaps are likely to find their way into my personal collection.

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