Monday, 22 April 2013

Salute- The view from behind the counter......

Well thats another Salute done. what was good or bad- ask Robbie at the Independent Wargames group blog or indeed Steve the Wargamer... . Me -I was working fopr a living so all I saw was the sea of faces waving money at me and- just once- the gents which was by this time a tad insalubrious- indeed some fella- Hmm I wonder who it muight have been uttered in a stage whisper
"Gawd it smells like a S***house in here"
Games I saw none. Other Traders I only saw the idle ones - and not many of those- wandering about near the end. As for "drift" - never noticed we were grafting away until at least 4 O'clock. Tell you how busy it was. When we arrived I sent one of the crew for tea and wads- I finished by Breakfast sandwich at about 3 O'clock . Jimbo was the same. Sellers- well almost everything really Bluemoon 15mm of couirse but I'd sold out of my new 15mm Taliban Motorbikes and Command packs by about 11 O'clock. It didn't take long for the pack train and some of the weapons packs to go the same way. Bluemoon 15mm Fiw range was simply marching out of the door closely followed by the ACW range in 25/28mm The most popular on the day were Landsknects and Swiss - which I'm now very low on. As I type this I'm stealing time from making up my next order to the USA so I'll have some soldiers for Triples in about a months time, So - as they say I'd better get my finger out and do some work... Not rest for the wicked...
If you can't take a joke youshouldn't have joined.


  1. Sounds like you had a very much lighter van on the return trip and i think as you've said in the past you can never predict what's going to sell.

  2. Joe Yes the van was much lighter and no you can't predict. the best is an educated guess which WILL be wrong. Of course its much easier for those dudes that only have tiny ranges