Monday, 29 July 2013

Lovely paint jobs...

 Here are some more examples of Jez 'sWork- not  turned into comic strips  by me this time.
Taliban 107mm RCL Painted by Shakespear Studios. Figures are of course from my Fireforce15 range.

Rhodesian Firforce- again in 15mm , again painted by Jes of Shakespear. Once again the figures are from my Fireforce15 range.
I do like Jez's work  Not only that unlike more than one painting service I could name he delivers when he SAYS he'll deliver. I'm sure many chaps have waited days. weeks , Months  even years for stuff from some of the less scupulous dudes out there- even after you've paid deposits  so I'm happy to endorse Jez as he's not like that at all.  Find his blog for more info.

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