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Thursday 19 September 2013

More lovely paint jobs

Just a quickie before I nip off to cast some Helicopters
 Here are some of our African Geurilla  figures in 15mm from packs CDMOD9  and CDMOD 10 
These were painted by Jez Griffin of Shakespeare Studios and they really look the biz- How long can they survive against the Fireforce.... well thats for another time.

CDMOD 10  is the weapons and command pack containing the mortars , LMGs and RPGss .
 I love the way Jez has given some of  of the figures Trainers tather than boots
as well as the use of differentr camo patterns. Nice !


  1. Nice looking bunch of ruffians. I really like the fellow with the AK and the machete.

  2. Chris Yep me too Jez is a fine painter and one of the best at "On time" I've encountered in 20 years of using painting services.