Monday, 7 July 2014

A Rose by any other name.

 As you know Gentle reader I'm a fan of Drabant Miniatures. Their 40mm are the Dogs wossnames and increasingly so is the growing 28mm Dark Ages Range- for which more figures are due this coming Autumn. More Norman Knights and some crossbowmwn so I'm told- can't wait.
 So whern fellow enthusiast Ian Martin sent me some pics of his Vikings- painted by Jez at Shakespear studios  I thouight I'd get them up for other to see. Then as I'm thinking bout this Lo nad Behold Nick Biuxey of the "Like A Stomewall Group sent me a bunch  of pics of Dale  Askews  recently painted Normans from the same range- pinted by Dale . It therefore seemed a bit of a No- brainer really to put both sets of pics together so that readers can get a good look at these speldid figureswithout me telling you how tasty they are- let other chaps do that for me.

Mostly Saxons  from the collection of Ian Martin- Painted by Shakespear Studio and photographed by Ian.

Normans Painted by Dale Askew- and from His collection  Photographed by Nick Buxey.
Photographs used by the kind permission of the owners of the figures.


  1. I agree Drabant are producing some lovely dark age stuff

  2. Great looking troops, very nice paint job!

    1. but niether are mine so credit to shakespear studios-for the Saxons and Dale askew whos Normans those are.