Thursday, 10 July 2014

Another Smorgasbord.... Tanks and Stuff ...

 Found some rather battered 15mm  T-55 's in a box a while back  that Jim had painted in green . They'd had a hard life and needed a good tarting up . So checking out the relevant Osprey on modelling the T54 /55  I found a section on making a Northern Alliance T-55  for the Afghanistan War of the 1980s,
 This will do thinks I for another bit of a parody
 Now I'd wanted to add some armour to my "second line" troops in the on off "Harraq"  series of games- read Iraq of course so  with the current contretemps in that unfortunate country the "72 Virgins Martyrs Brigade" have now become members of IZAl.The Islamist Zealots Alliance.
Why IZAl  well chaps of a certain age may remember a medicated toilet paper of incredible hardness... of the same name ... Seemed obvious to me.
The "Fist of Islam "Tank company ... the Oil drums have been added from the appropriate stowage pack 
So these tanks were painted to look pretty nondescript and frankly a bit worn out and hard used and will be joining the "72 Virgins Martyrs Brigade" (read ISIS)  in our next game set in this period along with other stuff on the  painting table at the moment.

Also  newly photographed are some OOP Drabant figures- these have had their pictures taken before but not like this- again a couple needed repairing - bayonets cone and sundry chippings from the time they were in the show display case.
40mm Drabnat figure newly re -tarted and slowly starting to look like a unit.
And finally  a pic which recently appeared in MW  with an article of mine
Parliamentarian Curassiers in 1642- Lobster before the lobsters as it were .... 
and put here simply because I like them.

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