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Friday 27 March 2015

Arrivals ....

So I get up this morning and check my emails . Have one from UPS telling me a shipment is due for delivery today. Yipppeee thinks I   at last .
 Then I look a  little closer- 17 boxes/crates . Man!; that is a LOT of stuff.! I knew this order would be a biggie as its the first  re-supply I've had since late January.- the US show Cold Wars got in the way .
 Now aside from some ships and Building that are special orders for customers scattered about the globe there will also be a big bundle of stock . This means that once I've broken down and sorted these 17 boxes (no weekend off this  time then)  the back -orders will start to go out.. This should cover most of the chaps who are waiting for stuff ordered during the period of Jan and Feb and early March  this year. and for some who ordered later- depending upon what thay ordered. There will be some blokes who ordered AFTER  this order was sent in and some stuff that went out of stock in the intervening time - Catch them with my next re-supply which should land before Salute 2015 . I hope ....
Of course I'm also starting to build up stock levels for that show- see the previous post for details of the ranges we will be taking to Salute2015

11.17 am. Shipment arrives- 17 boxes- Here we go . Let the mayhem begin .....

14.08 About  half way through- Soldiers everywhere not to mention the odd fleet or two  and a few odd villages. It doesn't half give the knees some gyp.

Saturday Morning 11.18.  Been at it since 8.30  no weekends off here ! . Unpacked the last boxes then started on the back orders. Carole also down here  packing up the back orders and writing the addresses.- No you cant use printed labels as by the time you've farted about in the computer you can write 3 so I don't bother- and proofs of posting have to be written anyway

Sunday Morning 11.09  I must have been a evil B' stard in a former life ! -There is no rest for the wicked. Yesterday Carole and I packed up 63 parcels- outstanding orders, back orders and new orders.  I'd estimate we are roughly half way through the backlog  or perhaps a little more
 My Salute order goes off to the USA tomorrow. Hopwe they get it to me in time.

Monday 12.36 Just back fropm the Post Office. First load of parcels now on their way - Next lot go out tomorrow plus a few heavy ones by Interlingk Express. 

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