Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Old Glory UK News Desk.

 My splendid Tekkie Mattie  has just added a new feature to the Old Glory UK website. It may to the Bloggersphere look just like another Blog. Well thats what it is  but its use will be  purwely as a newsdesk for Old Glory UK rather than as this one a collection of Andys ramblings
 Log on to the OGUK website  in the normal manner and go to the foot of the page then click on Old Glory UK Newsdesk.
 Only a single post there currently as the feature is less than an hour old but like Topsy it will grow.
 News of New releases , Shows, shipments from the USA- much of the Old Glry related stuff that formerly appeared here will go to the News desk .
 Right back to the parcle packing ....

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