Friday, 29 May 2015

Durham Open Day June 13th

Still a couple of weeks to go but we'll be there putting on a game as usual. This year -as I've already mentioned it will be a Seven Years War affair- though the scenario is losly based upon the Battle of Blenhiem  over  fifty  year earlier..Here are some pics of previous games we did at the Durham show ...

Here is a shot of one of our ACW gamesin 40mm

This shot may be from a completely different 40mm ACW game we did at Durham.

 I'm trying to think of the various games we did at the various events. I seem to remember 2 different 40mm ACW games. A 10mm Seven Years War. A 1/600th Russo Japanese War Naval game.   A refight of Fontenoy- which was featured in a Miniature Wargames write up on the Durham Show A modern- "Not the Iraq war at all" and last year was an ECW game.
 So I'll go through my files and add pics of the various games as I find them - assuming I still have them 

Here is a pic of Jims 10mm Seven Years War.


  1. Nice pictures, the Seven Years War lines of battle are most impressive!

    1. Phil Thats the advantage of the smaller sizes- Jim is starting work on 15mm SYW- well actually 18mm as he's using Blue Moon. I'm tempted myself- especially as these newer figs are pretty dammed good and nowhere near as fragile as many older 15mm . Of course I'd have to find a painter to do 'em justice as my own 15mm painting only looks good on tanks.
      I have a largeish 25/8mm WAS/SYW collection - around 1100 figures - perhaps a few more but somehow - however nice they are- and pics on this blog do show 'em they are a pain to take to the pub compared with say my Irqui armoured brigades

    2. Well, I'll be there with bells on. I'm not involved with putting on a game nor running the Bring and Buy (thank Thoth!) so I'll be roaming around all day long.

      Very much looking forward to it, in particular seeing what the Grimsby boys bring up among a lot of other things.

      Are OG putting on a game of sorts Andy?


    3. Darrell- Yes- well not really OG per se but myself and the rest of the T.W.A.T.S. We are doing a largish 25mm SYW game to test some rules amendments I fancy for AOR. OG don't trade at Durham as there is simply no room and frankly I doubt it would be worth our while BUT anyone that wants stuff we will bring it for you- save yourself a bit of postage

  2. Awesome photos of miniatures! love the ACW figures!


  3. Looking very good Andy.
    Enjoyed our chat about 'musketry' at Partisan. Hopefully pick-up where we left off at Durham over a culpa

    1. Dave if the rules end up crap that will be a mea Culpa no doubt !